Apple iPhone Apps You Need to Have

If you have begun playing with the latest kid from the Apple racks, you would have realized that there is an ocean of apps available in the App store. If you wish to replace your single-purpose apps to multi-purpose apps, we have rounded up the five social apps we believe are must-haves.


Atebits’ Tweetie 2 for iPhone didn’t come with many changes after Twitter took it over. Retaining the same interface and Tweet swiping, the app packs new features like the ability to edit your profile in-app, write multiple tweets when you’re not online, support for Safari bookmarklets, the ability to link Twitter addresses to Apple Address Book contacts. It is completely free as well.


The updated version of this app is much easier and faster. The new banner will allow you to view more stories quickly; and there is no need to refresh. Initially, you may have difficulty with the new, panel-based interface. But, once you get accustomed to that, it will be the most effective way to share updates, photos and videos.



Google updated the Google+ interface with the aim of widgetizing social activity. It has instant upload bug fixes to get better performance. The app also informs you about your friends’ activities, enables to set up group chats, even automatically upload pictures from your handset to the cloud.


Fring app includes internet features to iPhones. Fring allows you to make cheaper calls through Wi-Fi and 3G. With the dialer, you can copy and paste information for easy calling. The Fring app allows group video chatting and comes free of cost.


Meebo helps you to manage all of your social networking and IM accounts that are connected to Meebo, including Yahoo!, Facebook, AOL, MySpace, Windows Live Messenger, Google Talk, and more. It lets users share items and find items matching their interests. Meebo helps you to store logs of your online conversations.


If you are looking to get a new iPhone app or just want to expand your collection, these apps  are worth owning.

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