Amazon Smartphone said to be in the Works

Amazon has its own share of success stories, both in the technology and the internet world. Amazon is still the largest online shopping site and Amazon Kindle is still the best e-book reader.

However, according to the latest info we stumble upon, Amazon is on its way to duplicate its success in the smartphone industry as well. The source of the leak is anonymous, but it has affirmed that the device will be aimed at competing with the likes of Apple’s iPhone and likewise high-end Android counterparts in the market.

Foxconn, who had previously helped Apple in manufacturing hardware parts, will be working on this new smartphone project for Amazon.

Expectations will be high on the phone, but we don’t have a single clue what the phone will look like. Many are curious how the phone is going to blend with the unique business model of Amazon.

Amazon will have to gain some patents around latest technologies or buy some to avoid patent infringement issues.

However Amazon will greatly benefit from having its own reliable online store for digital books, songs and movies which could match the shoulders with Apple’s iTunes.

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