Alluring Stuff the Apple iPhone 5 Boasts Of

Apple iPhone 5 may not be revolutionary as you expected it to be. An evolutionary product, it indeed is, though it looks almost identical to its predecessor. However, the iPhone 5 sparkles with some really cool spec updates. We cannot ignore the aesthetics involved in the Apple’s sleek designs. Come let’s check out some of the impressive features of the new handset.

Better Display

It is really exciting to know that Apple has increased the size and width of display. Apple increased its height with additional vertical pixels for a better visual experience- 326 pixels per inch. Usually resized screen is not a better selling point, but Apple has reshuffled all its apps including iPhoto and Garage Band.


Apple accommodates all the internal components between two chemically hardened pieces of glass, which makes it sturdy. The iPhone 5 has a metal backing, thus making it all the more durable and sturdy.

Better Cam

Though the iPhone 5 is much thinner, the camera is just good. It provides 8 megapixels and 3268 x 2448 resolutions. The iPhone 4S was perfect than iPhone 4 with its better optics and larger sensor.  And now, the iPhone 5 packs a more perfect image sensor, which promises comparable quality. It features the same five-element lens with f/2.4 aperture along with backside illumination and a hybrid IR filter.


Only a few people were happy to know that they will require a $30 adapter to use their old iPhone accessories with the new model. Initially, you have to wait to purchase new accessories but after that everything will be easier. All versions of the iPhone have used the 30-pin dock connector. But the iPhone 5 will use a brand-new 8-pin connector to charge and transfer data. Lightning is reversible.

Design Spruce up

The iPhone 5 will completely restore the iPhone on a new framework of features and design, rectifying its major previous shortcomings.

Aren’t you excited?

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