7 Best Apps for Students

Students who use tablets or smartphones would admit that their devices are not just for sharing photos on Instagram or checking social networking sites. They know they can help them as a study partner too. Here we list the top 7 excellent student apps that can be immensely helpful to  school kids. 



Dropbox Mobile app helps you keep your documents, photos and videos in one easily accessible slot. First-time Dropbox users get 2GB of storage free, but you need to add 500MB more for every friend you recommend.

Wolfram Alpha


Wolfram Alpha app offers solutions to your math or number-related problems all in your pocket. It is a great learning tool that provides formula details, graphic representations and step-by-step explanations of methods for solving.



Evernote app helps you take notes, scribbled, spoken or drawn.You can also share and sync all your notes and also keep your research notes about a topic across various sources in one location.



The Scribd app is the world’s largest document-sharing library with millions of books and documents in its database. Here you can find notes, texts and study guides shared by users around the world, including Random House, the New York Times, the World Bank and President Obama.

Khan Academy


KhanAcademy for iOS is a free app that gives you access to more than 4,200 educational videos. This iPad app allows users to track their progress, download videos for offline viewing and subtitle support for easier comprehension.



Cliffsnotes app helps students prepare for tests on their phone and provides theme analyses, plot summaries and interactive quizzes with in-app purchases.



Flipboard app helps you create your social feeds and favorite news publications with a gorgeous magazine-like layout. You can also share your magazine via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr social networks.

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