5 Top Kid Friendly Tablet Devices Now Available

Today, children are keen to know about technology and it is also essential for them to grow with it. Here we list 5 tablets devices for your children, and they  offer kid friendly interface. Have a look. 

Apple iPad Mini

Apple’s iPad mini is sized for smaller hands and for those want access to iPad apps, Apple is providing them at $120 discount over the iPad 4. You can also permit to lock your important docs form your kids using the Guided Access. The iPad Mini is available at a price a price range of $329-$659.

Google Nexus 7

With Nexus 7 you can create multiple user accounts. With the Android 4.2 you can set up a kid’s profile and switch back it to grownup mode to enjoy Android features. The Nexus 7’s starting price is $199 to $299.

Fuhu Nabi 2

The Nabi 2 comes with preloaded educational content and a sandboxed kids-only mode. It also has access to the Google Play store for a full Android experience and hundreds of thousands of apps. It is available for purchase at $199.99

Barnes & Noble Nook HD

The Nook’s books are better than many other kid tablets with interactive elements and a great “read-along” feature. This feature enables you to record your own voice reading the story. Nook book has a secure, multiple user profile feature and priced at $199-$229.

Amazon Kindle Fire HD

Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD offers a solid parental control mode and it lets you set separate time limits for different kinds of content like one hour of TV a day and two hours of book reading. It is a low cost, reading focused budget tablet for kids with a starting price of $199.

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