5 Galaxy S4 Features Available on Your iPhone

Samsung Galaxy SIV comes with a number of apps that help improve your health, enhance your photography, control your TV and even secure your business data. Well, this new array of features might spur iPhone users to switch platforms. But in reality, most of the Galaxy SIV apps are available in iOS via third party apps. So please check out this article which gives information on Galaxy SIV features that are available on the iPhone.

DailyBurn Tracker / ProtoGeo Moves


One of the biggest advantages of the Galaxy SIV is its health and fitness features known as S Health. It monitors how much you’ve walked, the calories you’ve burned, and tracks your dietary habits. This app also measure external temperature and humidity to determine your comfort level. On the other hand, Apple’s App Store features a range of health and fitness apps which are free like MyFitnessPal’s free Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker app and the free DailyBurnTracker app.

Mail Translator / Google Translate


Samsung’s S Translator app allows to converts emails, SMS messages and ChatOn IMs from nine different languages to your mother tongue. You can even type or speak directly into the app to translate it. Where as the Apple’s App Store has several translation app such as Piet Jonas free Mail Translator to perform the same thing.

Cable Apps


Using the infrared port in the Samsung Galaxy SIV, you can replace your TV’s remote control. Again, the Peel-powered WatchOne app lets you search through Samsung’s Media Hub video store and also allows browsing the current TV schedule at the same time. Although the iPhone doesn’t have any infrared port many cable providers like Time Warner Cable’s free TWC TV app and Cablevision’s free Optimum app will allow you to control it over the Internet.

Enterproid Divide (like Samsung Knox)


Samsung Knox a feature in the Samsung Galaxy SIV separates your phone into completely different work and personal environments.  Users can access the work-related section of the phone only, but it doesn’t allow copying data from one environment to another. The Enterproid’s Divide app introduced in 2010 for iOS and Android also keeps your professional and personal life separate. Their latest Divide app launched for iOS during the second half of 2012.



The Galaxy SIV enables to record video with both its 13-MP rear-facing and 2-MP front-facing cameras. In other words, you can shoot video and take photos in two directions at the same time. In the iPhone, Appvetica’s DuoCam app serves the same function by letting to use both cameras at the same time.

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