5 Best Uses for an Android Mini PC

We have been seeing the emergence of a new kind of low-cost computers that cost less than $100, sometimes less than $50. Though they are small in size, this Android Mini PCs pack all the processing power of a tablet within the size and shape of a USB Flash drive. They have ARM-based processors and multiple connectivity options, and can turn your HDTV or high-res monitor into a computer. Here we list the six great uses for your Android Mini PC. Have a look.


Secure Linux Workstation

Internet cafe PCs and public kiosks can have spyware to steals your passwords. But with a simple Mini PC you can keep your data physically secure.

Home Media Center

A mini PC maker easily connects to your TV, therefore it can act as an excellent set-top box. By using a wireless keyboard as remote control, you can stream Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Google Play and many other video services.

Living Room Video Conferencing Center

You can connect an Android-compatible webcam to your Mini PC to make video chats. All you need is to install Skype, Google+ Hangouts or even OoVoo and then place the webcam on top of your TV and make a video call on the big screen.

Android Gaming Console

Androids have been a serious gaming platform where you can play the latest first-person shooter on your phone or tablet. Interestingly, an inexpensive Android Mini PC can serve as a gaming console. For example a dual-core Android stick like the Android Mini PC RK3066 has more than enough power to play demanding games.

File Server

If you want to share documents with co-workers then you could by a network-attached-storage drive, pairing your $50 Android Mini PC with a USB hard drive and Ethernet dongle. It provides a lot more flexibility for less money.

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