5 Best News Apps for iOS and Android Devices

There are a variety of  personalized news aggregation apps  available for the Android and iOS devices which brings us top content and news on to our mobile devices. We are listing our favorite news apps which we think will be the best for your daily ounce of updates.

News Republic (Free; Android, iOS, Windows 8, BlackBerry 10)

NewsRepublicThe Android app, NewsRepublic gives you a visual overview of the latest news. Using this app you can also personalize your home screen by moving topics around various screens. The Tag Nav news navigation system in the app lets you explore related topics. The latest version of the NewsRepublic allows quick news browsing and offers an improved catalog of popular choices and sources.

Pulse (Free; Android, iOS, Windows 8)


Pulse News brings your favorite blogs, magazines, social networks and newspapers, in one place so that you can follow the top news sources. You can save stories for later reading and sync with social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Instagram, Reddit and YouTube.

Flipboard (Free; Android, iOS)



Flipboard is usually used for picking up the latest news that you’re interested. The Flipboard 2.0 update allows you to create personal magazines, where you can re-pin news or blog articles and sort them however you like. You can also share your magazines via social networks or with other Flipboard users and browse through or subscribe to other users’ personal magazines.

Zite (Free; Android, iOS)


Zite, a personalized magazine automatically learns your interests and delivers the news, articles, blogs, videos and authors you like. The app will get more personalized with time. It features more than 40,000 topics and a smart auto-suggest tool that helps you discover new stuff that you’ll love.

Taptu (Free; Android, iOS)



Taptu is a social news reader that lets users pull all the news in into one app, plus content from all the popular social networks. The app also allows its users to add Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google Reader. It lets users to sync content between devices, and helps to share news or streams with friends via social networks or email.

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