5 Best Features of the Samsung Galaxy S IV

The recently-launched Samsung Galaxy S IV packs a few innovative features, which make its predecessor – the Galaxy S III – simply outdated. In case you are wondering how, take a look at  the 5 best new features of the Samsung Galaxy SIV.

Dual Camera photos and recording

Dual Camera Mode

The Galaxy S IV has a Dual Camera mode, which enables you to capture stills or videos from both the cameras. That means, you can record the look on your face while watching a video. Samsung also lets you reposition and resize the boxes that hold the picture. In addition to all these, Samsung has included several attractive templates that help to change the look of the image.

Air gestures / Smart Call Accept

Air gestures

The new Smart Call Accept feature on the Galaxy S IV enables you to answer the phone and turn on the speakerphone with just the wave of a hand. You can also control the music player with Smart Gestures.

Smart Scroll/Smart Pause


The Galaxy S IV’s Smart Scroll feature allows you to move your favorite websites just by staring at the screen and tilting the handset back or forward. The Smart Pause feature on the Galaxy S IV will pause videos when you are not looking at the screen.

S Health

S health

Samsung’s new S Health app will monitor your health by checking how much calories you have burned and how much you’ve walked. It also measures your heart beat and record the external temperature and humidity level of the atmosphere.

S Translator

S Translate

Samsung’s S Translator converts SMS, emails and ChatON IMs from 9 different languages to English or your native language. It can also convert voice inputs.

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