5 Awesome Apps for Your Kids

Like us adults, kids too love to play with tablets. But the question is what kind of app you should download for your toddler on your tablet? We have collected info on a few of those best apps from every platform for your kids. Take a look and find out the best app for your toddler. 

Baby Monitor


By using the Baby Monitor app you can turn your smartphone in to stand-alone baby monitor. All you need is to simply place your iPhone near your child, and it will call or send an SMS message when it detects noise. This iPhone app is priced at $4.99.

Baby Soother


Baby Soother app is made for those who don’t particularly like singing a lullaby. This iOS free app lulls your little one to sleep with mesmerizing music, motions and sounds.

Peekaboo Barn


Peekaboo Barn features animals that pop out of their barn stalls. It is designed to teach animal names and sounds to infants and small children. The app allows parents to record their own voice within the app.

Wheels on the Bus


It is an interactive musical book, which featuring the classic kids’song Wheels on the Bus song. This app also lets your kids to spin the bus wheels, open and close its doors, pop bubbles and more.

Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Animal Sounds Or Let’s Count Animals

Laugh n learn

Fisher Price’s “Laugh & Learn” apps help babies to learn the basics of a touch screen device. The Animal Sounds app lets babies tap or bat at animals to learn animal names and the sounds they make.

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