5 Must Apps for your iOS Device

Are you going to buy a new iOS device  this holiday season? If yes,  you can select these 5 apps that are available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch to spruce up your new device.


Photo Toaster is a great photo editing app with easy-to-use basic editing tools, tons of effects that you can preview by tapping your finger, and other handy tools to enhance parts of your images for the best look. After modifying your photos you can save it, e-mail it, or can send it via text message or to any social networking site.

Angry Birds Star Wars

Angry Birds is the most popular game of all time on iOS devices and the New Angry Birds Star themed bird types, music from the movies, and intricately designed levels make this game more impressive and excellent.


Through Netflix you can access to TV shows, movies, documentaries, and more. Netflix streams are high definition and smooth provides an enjoyable viewing experience.

Google Search

Google Search allows you to search terms and use many of the Google apps on your touch screen. A feature called Google Goggles enables you to take a picture of an object or just the bar code then it searches a vast database. A recently added feature lets you use your voice to search.

FIFA Soccer 13

FIFA Soccer has number of improvements over the years and it is the best sports game for iOS ever. You can play any of the 500 fully licensed teams, with more than 15,000 players, across 30 leagues and the gameplay is smooth as you try to make a play for the goal. The latest version includes many new skill moves.

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