3D Cone Helps Snap Up 3D Images with Your iPhone4/4S

We all know that capturing pictures in 2D will spoil the originality of the image, that’s why everyone is looking forward to 3D supporting devices.

And, for the users of iPhone this 3 D experience is still a dream.  But now with the help of 3D cone, iPhone owners can also capture 3D images and videos.

A 3D Cone is a simple invention that is capable of shooting 3D videos and stills using iPhone 4 and 4S.

The device works in a simple way. It will transform your iPhone into stereoscopic camera. The 3D cone comprises two different mirrors that help to take two pictures in slightly different angles which create the 3D image.

All you need is to just attach the accessory to the back of your iPhone4 and 4S.

This cool device is developed by the Saturan3Designs. Though, the device is not launched yet, the manufacturers are expected to start mass production very soon.

Though the accessory could make your iPhone a non-portable device, but with the help of the 3DCone  you can capture good quality images and videos.

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