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Elephant Eats iPhone in Thailand Park

iPhones are definitely the most popular mobile devices around the world and it is a favorite of everyone. It is a hit with humans – and animals too! A video that has gone viral  shows an elephant eating an iPhone.

The video shows two Chinese tourists at an elephant park in Thailand. While one of the tourists is feeding the elephant, the other  approach the animal, and starts shooting the elephant with her iPhone. All of a sudden, the pachyderm snatches the phone and starts eating it. From the video, it seems that the phone was later recovered from the elephant’s dung.

Sony Quad Core Smartphone Gets Set for CES Launch

Rumors are rife about a new Sony Xperia device getting set for unveiling at the CES in January 2013. According to ePrice, a Chinese website, the handset will feature a full HD 5 inch 440ppi touchscreen display along with a 1080p resolution.

The rumored device will powered by a 1.5 GHz Qualcomm S4 Pro quad-core processor complemented by 2GB of RAM.

Raku- Raku from Fujitsu Targets Senior Citizens

If you want to gift a smartphone to your parents or grandparents then the Raku- Raku is the best choice. The good news is that the device is now heading for the US and European markets and it will hit the international market in 2013.

The smartphone market always targets the young generation but Fujitsu seems to be thinking different. The Raku-Raku, which means ‘comfortable’ in Japanese, is a smartphone specially created for the elders.

Unique Viruses That Emerged in 2012

In the year of 2012, various computer viruses have caused much infection around the world. And here we try to list some of the viruses that have emerged in the past year. Have a look.

Police virus: Police viruses are a real headache to computer users and IT professionals. They show a message to the computer user that tells that their computer has been blocked because of the illegal downloading. It even asks to pay a fine.

Review: Lenovo Ideapad Yoga 11

With the introduction of Windows 8 Operating System, laptops HAVE arrived with different touchscreen integration. And the Lenovo Ideapad Yoga 11 is one among them. You can use it either like a standard laptop or as a tablet. Moreover, the device sense practical and available with a £700 price tag.

Huawei Ascend D2 Image Leaks Ahead of CES 2013

As we are fast approaching the CES 2013, a handful of surprises are awaiting  us there. But how about an early leak?

Recently, an image of the upcoming Ascend D2 has leaked and is spreading on the internet. The Ascend D2 is a new smartphone device from Huawei that was announced back in October and the device is all set to debut at the CES within a few weeks.

Games to Look for in the Wii U

When Nintendo’s eight generation console, Wii U got released on November 18th (US), it couldn’t pull up a smooth landing. You may have heard some of its feature like the Nintendo Tvii which was proposed to be available from the day one wasn’t there when it came out.
Also the first party and third party game line up wasn’t that much strong to attract a major crowd. But we can let our hopes down on this; because this machine needs it time to take those developers out there to get us some unique package. Any way we have list for the Wii U games that you can play it on this Christmas season.
New Super Mario Bros U

Review: Asus VivBook X202E

VivBook X202E, the new 11.6 inch, 3-pound notebook from Asus, comes with an Intel Core i3 Ivy Bridge processor. It is the cheapest touchscreen notebook in the market and sports a  new touch-friendly Windows 8 user interface.

The VivoBook X202E has a dark brushed aluminum lid and a silver/gray aluminum body and features a 1366 x 768 pixel touchscreen display with Intel HD 4000 graphics, 4GB of RAM, and a 500GB hard drive. The hard drive is divided into two 250GB partitions.

Archos FamilyPad 2 will Come with a Faster Processor

Archos FamilyPad 2, the second generation tablet  from the company was recently spotted on the GLBenchmark website. This device targets those customers who prefer tablets for watching videos or for playing multiplayer games.

The original version of FamilyPad sports a stand that can be used to support the tablet device since it weighs around 2.9 pounds. This can be useful in watching videos especially if there were multiple viewers.

5 Holiday Gifts for this Christmas & New Year Season

This Christmas – New Year season everyone is looking for gifts for their friends and family . Here we try to list 5 such holidays gifts that will make your loved ones happy . Have a look

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