Best HDTVs to Pick for Picture Quality

Are you in the market for the best quality HDTV? We know you are confused as to which one you would select. Here we list   such five best HD TVs rated for their picture quality. Have a look.

Panasonic TC-PVT50 series

It is not difficult for Panasonic to maintain the top position in the list with its amazing features such as infinite and the Wi-Fi built in with web browser. The device measures 59.1 x 37 x 15.8 inch (With stand), 59.1 x 35.1 x 2 Inch (Without stand) and weighs 127.9 lb / 58.01 kg without stand. The device color accuracy is great and it promises perfect screen uniformity and off-angle fidelity.

Panasonic TC-PGT50 series

The Panasonic TC-PGT50 series show excellent picture quality with exceedingly deep black levels with great shadow detail, accurate colors, and solid bright-room performance. The device has superb off-angle and uniformity characteristics.

Panasonic TC-PST50 series

If you are looking for the picture quality then Panasonic TC-PST50 is your device. It provides black levels deeper than any other 2011 plasma device on the market. Other features are accurate color and its bright-room image.

Samsung PNE6500 series

The Samsung PNE6500 is an excellent television with its picture quality. The PNE6500’s key features are its black levels and color accuracy. The device also offers a striking balance between picture quality and affordability.

Sharp Elite PRO-X5FD series

This device delivers deeper black levels and better contrast than any other LCD or plasma TV on the market. Sharp Elite PRO also gives accurate color and excellent shadow details along with video processing. The device doesn’t suffer noticeable blooming and it promises excellent fidelity from off-angle–for an LED.

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