10 Most Popular Android Apps for Your Mobile Device

A variety of apps are available in the market and they have proved they are useful to the extend that they could considerably reduce your work. Here’s a list of 10 most popular Android apps for your mobile device.


This free online application and web service allows registered users to save, organize, and share collected ideas and information. It acts as a personal organizer and information capturing service and helps users to remember data. The latest version is Springpad 3.2 with improved additional things.


Tumblr is a microblogging and social networking platform that allows users to post multimedia and other content in a short-form blog. You can also follow other user’s blogs. The latest version of Tumblr includes a lot of new features from finding friends on Facebook to all new notifications.

MyPhoneExplorer Client

An app that allows you to sync contacts with different PC apps. It manages your SMS, call lists, apps, files, and create backups. The latest version 1.8.3 mostly fixes Wi-Fi problems. It also includes improved support for tablets.


SoundCloud is an online audio distribution platform that allows collaboration, promotion and distribution of audio recordings. It is helpful for recording interviews or any other audio. The latest version includes options to edit audio tracks inside the app.

Opera Mini

The Opera Mini 7.5 gives you a dashboard view of the latest activity on your social networks, along with automatic news feeds from your favorite sites. This app includes a unique compression technology and it will reduce data costs by up to 90%. The new version adds a Smart Page that includes a view of your social network feeds.


This free app helps to remotely control your desktop computer, be it Windows, Mac or Linux. The app is constantly being updated and the latest version allows easy file transfer between your mobile device and any computer.

Zillow Real Estate

Zillow’s real estate app lets you view real estate data of homes and property while you drive through the neighborhood. This is helpful for finding places to buy or rent and the new update lets you take photos of your favorite homes.


The app keeps your phone book beautiful and up-to-date. You can add the Facebook and LinkedIn-pictures and birthdays and protects your phone from spam calls. The app is totally free; the latest version includes a totally new design and many other improvements. This app enables you to search from the phone numbers worldwide.

Fandango Movies

Fandango is a movie app offers features like the ability to purchase movie tickets from your device. You can select theaters and reserve your seat directly form the app. The latest version includes syncing across multiple devices and support for the Nexus 7.

Sound Meter

The app uses your phone mic to measure to measure noise volume in decibels (db), and shows a reference. The latest Sound meter version 1.4.6 includes supports for the Nexus 7 and more models like Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note.


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