10 Great Smart Watches in Movies

Rumors are rife about an Apple iWatch, which is said to be under creation. Apple’s rival Samsung has also already confirmed its smart watch.  It looks like that smart watches are going to the next amazing product on the tech world. Well, here we made an attempt to list a few top watches in TV and the movies.

Dick Tracy


This iconic detective’s watch was pretty much limited to receiving dispatches from the police station.

Leela (Futurama)


Leela’s wristband has seven functions. Sometime it acts as a communicator, tracking device receiver, reattach Fry’s nose, Tetris, telling whether or not the Omicronian young are edible, tissue dispenser and a laser.

Michael Knight (Knight Rider)


Michael Knight’s awesome watch let him talk to his teched-out car.

James Bond


Over the years, we had seen a number of Bond movies and his watches. But our favorite one is the Omega Seamaster in GoldenEye a wrist watch which has a built-in laser and a remote detonator.

Jack Harkness (Torchwood, Dr. Who)

13 - John Barrowman as Captain Jack Harkness(1)_Photo by Frank Ockenfels3_Courtesy of Starz

Captain Jack’s watch let him zip back and forth through time, as well as teleport.

Special Agent Oso


Special Agent Oso’s Paw Pilot watch guides the bear through the steps needed to accomplish his works.

Spy Kids


The Spy Kids’ watches feature a cellphone, satellite, Internet access, and TV.

Kirby Winter (The Girl, the Gold Watch, and Everything)


Robert Hays’ character in the movie had a gold pocket watch that could stop time.

Agent K (Men In Black)


Tommy Lee Jones’ stylish watch could activate the neuralyzer in the top of the Statue of Liberty.

Penny (Inspector Gadget)


Penny’s smart watch let her video chat with Brain and keep eye on her hapless uncle.

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